Gatwick Airport Over Deck Car Park

Gatwick Airport Over Deck Car Park


The Gatwick Airport South Terminal suspended over deck car park provides an additional 1,224 long stay car parking spaces and was built to assist with achieving Gatwick’s objective of passenger growth. The 26,000m² over deck car park was erected in 9 weeks.

Working closely with the fire engineering and electrical contractors for this project, we developed a coordinated BIM model for the sprinkler protection and electrical works, the latter including barriers, lighting etc.

What we did

We developed the BIM models and associated BIM asset data in strict compliance with Gatwick Airport’s internal BIM system and procedures.

The main contractor was so impressed with our work that they subsequently gave us the lead role of ensuring coordination between all trade contractors.

The main contractor also commissioned us to produce final record models in accordance with the project’s point cloud survey. We were asked to take the lead role in ensuring alignment of the point cloud coordinates with the site and communicating this critical information to all trade contractors.


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