Fine Lady Bakeries

Fine Lady Bakeries


Fine Lady Bakeries supplies their own label bakery products to the leading supermarkets, wholesalers, and the sandwich manufacturing industry, producing in excess of 3 million loaves of bread weekly. Due to continued growth across its customer base, an additional purpose built bakery was opened in 2010 in Manchester.

GlobalCAD was commissioned to develop an accurate Revit BIM model of the Manchester bakery from a point cloud survey.

What we did

This is a point cloud to 3D project. The client wanted a detailed and comprehensive 3D model of the building with all structural information including steelwork frame, walls, floors, ceilings, doors & windows. The project scope also includes all infrastructure and utility services such as pipework, vents, cable runs, lighting as well as an accurate outline of all the plant and equipment of the bakery.

The client provided the point cloud survey data for the building. Using Revit, we produced a highly detailed point cloud to 3D model to meet the client’s particular requirements fully. The Revit model was developed to BIM Level 2 standard.


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